Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Three years ago, I drove almost 2 hours to pick up a puppy..she was the one in the corner of the pen who was not interacting with her siblings. The owners said "Don't you want one that is more frisky?" Something about her told me she was the one I wanted...almost pure white, small, and shivering. After the exchange of a few dollars, she was mine. She slept most of the way home while I drove and mulled over a few dozen dog names...I was her new Mom! Once we got home, she was ready to explore her new home and piddle on the carpet. Later when she was taking a nap in the middle of the living room, Man decided to vacuum and vacuumed all around her and she just slept on. STRANGE..... Ash was behind her, picked her up, and she whipped around and bit Ashley in the nose. Blood...puppy was acting scared...Ash had a inch cut on her nose caused by some very sharp puppy teeth. Things were starting to become clearer...I called her, no response...I whistled, no response...vacuum behind her, no response...my new baby was DEAF! Wow, did I not know what I was getting into. Ash said she was a devil for biting her nose...devil...Tazmanian Devil...perfect name Tazzy. Now almost 3 years later, Ashley still has the scar from Tazzy and Tazzy seems to "rule the roost" at our house.